REALMS APART (360 pages) is an urban fantasy novel set in both, modern-day Earth, and the fantasy Realm of Faetir. It is the second novel of the Portal and Key Chronicles, and a sequel to “Blood Bonded” (Austin Macauley, 2021).

Eva Higgins has returned to Earth after escaping the evil clutches of Ceann Olc on Faetir. The Olc, who killed her best friend, Derek, forced Eva to use her powers and portal back to her home on Earth. She has lost her blood bonded mate, Calder, and is no closer to finding answers about her powers or her past. Worse still, coming back to Earth has put Eva in the crosshairs of her old nemesis, Mr. Roper. In an ambiguous turn of events, however, she strikes a precarious truce with him after they discover a common enemy in the Olc. 

As pieces are moved around the board, Eva portals back to Faetir to seek alliances in a war to defeat the Olc. As plans unfold, Eva’s world is shattered when she uncovers two secrets: One kept from her by her Most Trusted, Brynjar, and the other by her enemy, Ceann. Eva is left with a choice — stay true to her convictions, or follow her heart.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: We find ourselves in Nath, the capital of Deceau, in the realm of Faetir...

CEANN PACED IN HIS STUDY. He had been growing ever angrier lately. He had sent his scouts to every corner of the realm. He had even sent his senior scholar on a wild goose chase with his watchdog. Uten reported back regularly through the códaithe Ceann had sent him with. The reports were primarily mundane, information about their location, encounters, and any other pertinent facts. The last report was more troubling. 

Someone from Earth had arrived in Faetir. Someone new. Ceann did not like this. He controlled the only portal to Earth, or so he thought. This new information meant that there was another portal open on Earth. This he did not like at all. He knew that Eva was not on Faetir. How, he did not know, but it was the only probable conclusion. If this human had come from Earth, then he must be in league with Eva and Calder. There were a thousand possibilities, but Ceann settled on one. He decided the presence of this man meant that Eva was planning something. The fact that she was not with him meant she was still on Earth. He needed the human prisoner, but he would not wait to get his hands on this human before he acted. He silently sent instructions to Uten through the códaithe. With the communication to Uten complete, he stormed out of his study. Guards snapped to attention, and attendants froze mid-step. 

“Send the Skrimsli!” Ceann belted out to his commander. His commander left the room with a curt nod in haste to carry out his master’s instructions. The Olc would have his vengeance. He would see Eva dead.