Blood Bonded, Book I

"Wow! ...I was hooked from the first pages... Really a page-turner and a must-read for every fantasy fan!"

K.F. Maynard, Author (5 Stars)

"Going through the pages of Blood Bonded feels very much like watching a sci-fi movie, complete with all the actions, thrills and gore in 3D display!"

Official Review,

Realms Apart, Book II

"...Instantly catching,"

~The Tellest

The Realm of Faetir

The Realm of Faetir

Welcome to the magical land  of Faetir. Explore the world from the Portal and Key Chronicles and follow Eva Higgins along her journey. Check out the interactive map and learn some additional facts about Faetir not seen in the novels


Watch the book trailer for Realms Apart on  YouTube, and checkout an exciting audiobook preview for Blood Bonded ( full audiobook not available), narrated by Claire Glover.